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Hua Hin Railway Station

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Khao Sam Roi Yod

Monkey Mountain 

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The Hua Hin Railway Station is one of the most famous attractions in Hua Hin and also boats being the oldest railway station in Thailand being built in the reign of King Rama VI. This railway station is a fine example of traditional Thai architecture and one of the oldest railway stations in Thailand, constructed in the reign of King Rama VI (1910-1925).    Read More

A Buddhist temple set in large grounds to the west of Hua Hin. Wat Huay Mongkol is home to the largest statue of the immensely popular Buddhist monk Luang Pu Thuat who was famed his enlightenment and ability to perform miracles. Luang Pu Thuat lived some 400 years ago. Many believe that the amulets created in his image guarantee safety.    Read more

Khao Sam Roi Yod means mountains with 300 peaks, which is a very fitting description for this beautiful national park less than an hour south of Hua Hin and easily accessible as a day trip by car. The  charms of the park are immediately apparent and you will come across extensive freshwater marshes, rolling hills, attractive beaches & lime stone caves.   Read more

Khao Takiab translates as ‘Chopstick Mountain’  you may hear it being referred to as Monkey Mountain due to the monkeys that live on it. Located at about three kilometers from the town centre, at the south end of Hua Hin beach. Approaching the hill from the beach, one will see an imposing majestic statue of the Lord Buddha towering on rocks at the foot of the hill. Read more

What makes Hua Hin so outstanding and almost unbeatable as a resort is the beach and the very fine white sand.  The beautiful suroundings, the usually almost empty beach that is a full six kilometers long will make you feel just that little bit closer to paradise.  Although full of history most people come to Hua Hin to experience the   atmosphere. Read more

What makes Hua Hin outstanding and unbeatable as a resort is certainly its beach, with very fine white sand that makes a soft hissing noise when you walk or run on it. The beautiful, and usually un-crowded beach, except at weekends in summer, is six kilometers long. It is a spectacular sight when the sun, a completely round and big ball of fire, slowly emerges from the water. At first it is light red and can be watched with the naked eyes. Later, when it has risen well above the sea, it grows brighter, fast becoming unbearable to gaze at. At nightfall, the moon slowly appears in the same fashion, with its mellow, yellow light that soothes the eyes. 

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